Sponsorship Invitation

Storm Aid represents an opportunity for sponsors to benefit from and associate with, an ongoing series of humanitarian fundraising concerts and events, that provide emergency relief, as well as introduce new models, technologies and long-term solutions that will reduce the devastating effects of future storms. Your sponsor support helps us to build our campaigns, programs and initiatives, in storm-affected areas, as well as around the world. Every corporate partner makes an unique and vital contribution. Why partner with us? The Storm Aid 501(c)3 has a 90%+ donation policy; Storm Aid will work with you to develop a partnership with real benefits that suit your corporate needs; bolster your corporate profile and continuing support of humanitarian projects; increase brand awareness and brand equity for your business; jointly develop a PR campaign; invite you to participate in the delivery of the vital aid that is sponsored by your business. Your sponsored support will make a meaningful difference to the storm-affected people and communities around the world, that are most in need.


Prior To The Event Sponsor Benefits

Our public charity, Storm Aid, invites you to participate in an ongoing series of benefit concerts, whose purpose is to raise funds for the Texas, Florida, Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands victims, devastated by last year's catastrophic hurricanes Harvey, Irma, Jose, Maria, Lane, Florence and Michael.

Highlighting this effort is a several hour, multi-genre music concert, intended to reach hundreds of millions of viewers and listeners, via television, radio, streaming Internet and streaming mobile networks. Sponsors will join an international line-up of recording artists, actors, athletes, dignitaries and concerned citizens who are contributing their time, talents, and resources to raise funds that will aid the victims of catastrophic storms. 

Day of Sponsor Benefits

Storm Aid executives are presently laying the groundwork for its 2019 concert series. During the Storm Aid Benefit Concerts, Event Sponsors can: 

  • Receive extensive co-branded publicity, marketing and advertising opportunities

  • Realize an enhanced corporate image by being a Sponsor and promoter of Storm Aid

  • Participate in marketing mechanisms that result in lead generation and product promotion

  • Participate in group ticket sales that bring greater traffic to Sponsor’s products and services

  • Share the event spotlight with co-branded publicity and advertising exposure

  • Enjoy “product placement” opportunities that enhance company image in visually linked venues

  • Showcase “special” announcements about Sponsors that appear in the 12-hour broadcast and are also embedded in on-demand electronic rebroadcasts

  • Produce high profile “sponsored by” commercial spots that serve as “bumpers” leading in and out of broadcast breaks;

  • Obtain VIP tickets for company use or for charitable fundraising

  • Participate in “on-site” merchandising opportunities with products that also bear Sponsor’s logos

Cost Of Event

The minimum budget needed to execute a major Storm Aid Benefit Concert is $5 million USD. However, as the goal is to raise in excess of $100 million USD in donations, contributions and revenues for storm victims, a larger budget will allow us to raise substantially more funds. Thus, corporate sponsorships will generate additional funds, which assist meaningfully in the fundraising process. The budget includes, venue costs, staging costs, pre-production costs; graphic design, Internet streaming costs; PR campaigns; pre-produced public service announcements; administrative costs; artist expenses, travel costs; and the cost of staging the “Storm Aid” concert event from multiple venue sites. Many costs will be discounted due to the charitable and humanitarian mission and purpose of the event, itself. 

Donations To Storm Aid and Its Nonprofit Affiliates

90% of all donations and charitable contributions made to “Storm Aid” during and after the benefit concert and broadcast, will go directly to the Storm Aid Foundation Public Charity, and its qualified charitable partners. The receiving nonprofits intend to take a maximum 10% administrative fee for services, in order to seed other nonprofits and their important Storm Aid Humanitarian and Emergency Relief campaigns, programs, Initiatives, and efforts. All collections and disbursements will be managed by Price Waterhouse Coopers.  

Storm Aid Event Sponsorship Packages

All Sponsor contributions will help to pay the production costs that will be incurred for the staging, production, marketing and distribution of the charitable Storm Aid event. Platinum Sponsors will receive the greatest number of benefits resulting from their media exposure. A description of Sponsor Packages appears in the following pages.