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every day is earth day

"It is imperative that we recognize that intensifying 
weather, climate extremes and super-storms are 
an increasingly serious consequence of Global Warming!" 


the stormaid® foundation

is a USA-based 501(c)3,
Tax-Exempt Public Charity

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our mission

 is to provide emergency relief to people and communities that
have been devastated by catastrophic storms or extreme weather.



It is only after the passing of any truly destructive natural disaster, that the real extent of the damage is known.

Many are left destitute, without food, water or shelter, often losing family members, friends, neighbors, and pets, in addition to income, employment, house and home!


In Addition To Humanitarian Relief

The Storm Aid Foundation does the following:

  1. INTRODUCES long-term energy, housing, agriculture, water solutions, waste management and decentralized power, all aimed at increasing readiness and reducing the effects of future disasters and storms;

  2. RAISES public awareness as well as funds, through high-profile, celebrity-driven concerts, broadcasts, public events and activities;

  3. APPEALS to the generosity of governments, corporations, patrons and donors for the resources needed to help the people and communities that are most in need;

  4. PASSES funds through to other established nonprofit organizations with teams on the ground, in the most highly-impacted areas.

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Storm Aid’s commitment is to assist any and all storm victims, regardless of geographic, ethnic, racial, gender, religious or political makeup. In all its activities, Storm Aid emphasizes the importance of human dignity and integrity, as well as the preciousness of every human life, applying the highest ethical standards, while also presenting and utilizing the latest advances in science and technology.

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Use Of Funds

In addition to direct contributions made to the victims of catastrophic storms, the Storm Aid Foundation donates, or “passes through” funds to a number of proven charitable trusts, foundations and other established “on the ground” nonprofit organizations, that have a proven track record of assisting storm victims, locally, regionally, nationally and globally.

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Storm Aid appeals to the generosity of governments, corporations, patrons and donors, whose resources assist in meeting the needs of those storm victims in need of food, water, clothing, medicine, shelter and energy, for their survival. It is a privilege for the Storm Aid team to make every effort to better the lives of those who are most in need. 



The Costliest Of All Weather Events

In 2017 and 2018 the U.S. and Caribbean endured five devastating hurricanes: Harvey, Irma, Maria, Florence and Michael. The Atlantic Super-Storms were among the most powerful, costly and destructive in U.S. history. Tabulations indicate that the U.S. suffered approximately $400 billion in cumulative damages over the two seasons, in addition to loss of precious human life.

In the Pacific during the same period, Hawaii was hit by Hurricane Lane, and Japan and the Philippines were struck by Super-Typhoons Jebi, Mangkhut and Yutu. All three typhoons reached wind gusts of 180 to 203 miles per hour. As the oceans absorb increasing heat caused by Global Warming, hurricanes intensify, becoming larger and more destructive. The Atlantic Hurricane Season begins June 1st and ends on November 30th, each year. 


As We Have Seen, Storms Come In Many Forms

Recent Firestorms Tell The Story!

In addition to intensifying hurricanes, typhoons, tornadoes, high winds, ocean surges, floods, droughts, and other extreme weather, Storm Aid has broadened its scope to include Fire-Storms, which over recent years have also been increasing in intensity and destructiveness!

05 California Fire.jpg


Do You Love Your Children?

There may be many contributors to Global Warming; cosmic radiation, the sun, volcanic eruptions, thinning ozone, wild-fires, deforestation, melting permafrost, methane, and more, yet 97% of Climate Scientists agree and assert that much of Global Warming is human engendered! We cannot continue to pump trillions of tons of pollutants and particulate matter into the Earth's atmosphere for decades without dire consequences! Furthermore, taking measures to reverse our Climate Crisis is an  investment in a safer, more stable and inhabitable world for all  people, especially the children of present and future generations!  Environmentalists can afford to be wrong on this issue, but you  climate deniers cannot afford to be wrong, if you love your children!  We must all stop treating Global Warming as anti-business, or as partisan politics, when it already represents a real, extinction level threat! We must end our irresponsible and predatory business and  industrial practices, as well as our undeclared war against nature and our life-support systems, if we humans wish to continue as a species!

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storm aid concerts

For decades Storm Aid team members have played key roles in the production of historic global concert and broadcast telethons and events, such as Live Aid, Live 8, Live Earth, Farm Aid and the 9/11 Concert For New York, together celebrating our commonality, while generating over $1.5 billion for important humanitarian causes.

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Third Wave volunteers

- Everyone is needed -

It's easy to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, a Third Wave Volunteer is in the wrong place at the right time!


The resulting devastation is often shocking and disheartening.

Such conditions constitute a real threat to people’s survival and well-being. Individuals, families, neighbors and even entire communities are often overwhelmed by a sense of futility and hopelessness.


Clean water 
is not just a necessity,
It's a human right!


Earth has long sustained us;

Be grateful!

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